White-Lined Sphinx Moth Caterpillar

   Today my brother found this huge caterpillar at the place we work. We were amazed at the size of it! Here it was just crawling around in the dirt and we were wondering if it was poisonous or not (it had a spike on it's tail that we thought might be harmful). So my brother grabbed a ziplock bag from our cooler and we carefully put the caterpillar in it being sure not to touch the "poisonous spike". A poem I learned in biology last year was going through mind: Red on black friend of Jack. Red on yellow kills a fellow. Then I realized that that poem is for telling whether or not a SNAKE is poisonous not a caterpillar! The large green creature sat in that plastic bag for quite awhile until we got home and were able to look up what it actually was. Upon some online research, I found that it was a White-Lined Sphinx moth caterpillar (scientific name: Hyles lineata) or otherwise know as the humming bird moth. How neat! I found it to not be poisonous, so I let it crawl on my arm. That was a little intimidating! I also found out that it will bury itself in dirt and make it's cocoon there. We've raised and hatched several monarchs, so I thought it would be neat to keep this caterpillar and see if we can successfully hatch that. Currently it has buried itself in the dirt I gave it. Maybe it will become a cocoon by morning! If it does, it will be 2-3 weeks before it even transforms into a humming bird moth.

What a beautiful, amazing creature God has designed!


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