I am so incredibly blessed! My family and friends have been so kind to me lately. I feel so undeserving of it all. I am so thankful for them and the gifts they have bestowed upon me recently. I don't know how to say how much gratitude I have for them!

   To list a few..... I am thankful for:
  • Jesus
  • the Bible
  • my loving parents
  • my protecting brothers
  • good friends 
  • music
  • my violin
  • rabbits
  • Liberty (our dog)
  • our home
  • freedom
  • the beautiful season of fall in MN
  • cold weather

   The LORD is so good to me. He has truly blessed my life. I feel so underserving of Him! I am so sinful, but Jesus' death on the cross has made me white as snow in His eyes. That is amazing. Amazing love, amazing grace!


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