Michigan Trip

     Realizing that I am running short on time this week, I have decided that I will do a quick post on my "exciting news" so that you don't have to wait any longer! I will do a more detailed post later ;)....
     As you know, at the end of April I traveled down to Iowa with my mom for the AACT Region Five festival. Community theaters from Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and our fellow Minnesotans performed over the three days that we were there. We performed on Friday evening and it was our absolute best performance yet (which was awesome, because that was when it really counted)! Time has been a big thing for us. Each theater has an hour to present their production and if you happened to go over, you'd be disqualified. Well, during several practice sessions we performed just barely over an hour. Thankful for the real thing, the competition, we were just under that time!
     Saturday morning, after attending church, my mom and I headed to the awards ceremony over at the Newton theater. Our company came home with several awards... best ensemble, an acting recognition for two of our main characters, costume/scenic design, stage combat choreography and a directing award for our director. Other companies received many awards as well. Last, but not least, it was time for the announcement of first, second and third place winners in the festival. Third place went Old Jake's Skirts. Clapping. Second place to Working. More clapping. By this time my heart starting beating faster. And first place went to the Romancers. Our group!!!
     It is such an honor to be selected as first and to have the opportunity to represent region five at the National AACT Festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We were also thrilled that our fellow Minnesotans placed third. They had such a lovely, sweet show. It was based off of a children's book and they did a fantastic job depicting it!
     So that's my quick version of the news that I have been meaning to write about for the longest time! We will be heading off to Michigan this coming Monday. This festival lasts until Sunday, the 28th of June. We perform on Wednesday. We've been traveling around performing and fundraising for this trip during the two months in between this and Iowa. I never thought we'd get this far when I first committed! Lots of traveling that did not expect at all for this summer! The actors have been doing this for six months already!! I've only been at it for three since I joined later.
     Anyways, I'm sure you'll hear from me again after we come back from Michigan, so stay tuned (and this time I'll try my best not to take such a long time to get around to it! But no guarantees...)!


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