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New Beginnings

Well, hello there! I know I've really neglected this blog here, but a lot has gone on these past 7 months. Anyways I'm here writing (maybe for one last time) to let you all know that I've started a new blog. As I mention in my introduction on there, "I have decided that this blog will be for writing about what God has placed on my heart to say. Writing about what He is teaching me on certain days and recording Bible verses that stand out to me. Usually when I write I feel like I have to get everything perfect and correct, but that has, so to speak, put a hedge in even wanting to write anymore- a skill God has blessed me with. I have determined to get over that and just write what comes to my mind, what comes my heart, what God has revealed to me. To give up my want of perfection and let Him lead me in my writing. To use this gift of mine, this love of mine for His glory." I am in a way different place than I was when I first started this blog, Cascades of Grace. …